The Messiest Breakups in Hollywood

Being in love is beautiful until you decide to go your separate ways. While playing your online casino games, remember that there is someone out there crying their eyes out after a messy break up. Celebrities have to go through the messiest breakups. Everything that you will be doing is being watched and one slip up can cost you the best relationship you ever had. But, they are humans, they fall in love, make mistakes and go through tough breakups. Here are some of the messiest breakups in Hollywood.

Liam and Miley

At some point this was one of the cutest relationships in Hollywood. Miley and Liam had been in an on and off relationship for 10 years. But, they decided to officially call it quits in 2019. After the breakup, Miley went on to air out the different challenges through her song, Slide away. Things got a bit messy when it was reported that Liam had a “low opinion” of Miley.

The actor was so much in love with the Singer/Actress that he was hurt when he discovered that she moved on within a short space of time. To him, this just showed that Miley did not respect or value their marriage as much as he had.

Justin and Selena

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had by far the messiest break up in Hollywood. Bieber quickly moved on and went on to marry one of Selena’s friends, Hailey. This caught Selena by surprise. The two went on an escapade of releasing songs about their relationship. And, from some of the songs, Selena and Justin Highlighted that the relationship was toxic.

Later, Selena highlighted that she was abused by Bieber emotionally. But, this could be true considering that there have been speculations that Bieber is not as loving as he is expected to be of his wife Hailey. There are a number of videos circulating on Social media of Justin being rude and seemingly “cruel” to Hailey.

Demi and Wilmer

The two were in a relationship for 6 years. Wilmer and Demi officially started dating in 2010 and decided to call it quits in 2016. Everything seemed to be going well between them until Valderrama got engaged to someone else. And, even though Demi said that she was happy for them, this may not have been the case.

Demi went on to release her song, I Love Me, after the engagement. In the song, she highlighted how she was finding herself and finally being independent from the scrutiny and shade in Hollywood. But, according to some, she might have thrown shade at her ex’s engagement as well.

Camila and Austin

Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello dated in 2014 and everyone is still trying to figure out why they broke up. But shade was thrown when Austin indirectly hinted that their relationship was not real. Mahone started dating Becky G and, upon being asked, he highlighted that he had never been in a “real” relationship.

Everyone was shocked including Camila, who took to her twitter page to respond. The Singer tweeted, “D**n, good to know.” But, the shade was seemingly squashed after Mahone had nothing but praises for Camila after she released her song, Havana.

Ariana and Pete

Everyone thought that they were moving too fast when the two got engaged after a few weeks of dating. And, they were right!  The two decided to call it quits before we had even heard wedding bells ringing. Seemingly, Pete had nothing but shade for his ex. The comedian took to his stage to talk about his relationship to Ariana. On the other hand, Ariana highlighted how she wasn’t happy about the whole thing in a Vogue interview. There were just a lot of words being thrown back and forth by the couple.

 Charlie Puth and Bella

According to Charlie Puth, Bella Thorne cheated on him during the time frame of their relationship. And, the two went on to have a twitter brawl. According to Bella, Charlie was mis-informed and he should have asked her personally first.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

The two dated for 15 months and decided to call it quits.  And, there were incidents where Calvin may have posted some shade about his ex. The two may have made amends later on as the Swift recently gave a shout out to her ex in an interview. On the other hand, Harris has been spotted liking his ex’s tweets.

Zac and Vanessa

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron may not have been as perfect together as they were in the High School musical. But, after their break up, they did not take the road to being friends as expected.  The two confirmed that they have not spoken for years.  The two were together for 5 years before their split.