The Richest Hollywood Celebrities in 2021

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RiRi is the latest addition to the Forbes list. The August 2021 update named her the richest female musician with a net worth of 1.7 billion. And, all the credit goes to her Fenty beauty line. Also, she owns 15% of LVMH. The star has been in the music industry for close to 2 decades now and seems to have taken a break from releasing a lot of music (until her recent July album). But, shifting her focus to her beauty line has surely paid off!

Kim Kardashian

Who ever thought that Kim Kardashian would be a Billionaire after releasing her sex tape. The reality TV star/ actress has taken on a lot of business endeavours. From her Kimoji App, a clothing brand and a make-up line, Kim has just been doing really well for herself. The star is worth a whopping $1.4 billion. The star earns millions up to 80 million dollars each year from making appearances and endorsements. Kardashian also has a video game in her name in which she gets 20% of the annual earnings.  On top of that, she sold shares to her line which brought in $200 million. After, she is the major owner of a skims line which is currently valued at $1.6 billion

Jay Z

Jay Z is currently worth $1.3 billion. But, if you combine his net worth with that of wife, Beyoncé, it will be $1.8 billion. He has made most of his money from being a producer at Roca Fella and as an entrepreneur. The rapper earns close to $80 million each year. The mogul has no limits when ti comes to the type of business ventures he works on. He has made really smart investment choices that always pay off at the end of each year.

 Kanye West

At some point, Yeezy had to be saved by his wife Kim, after almost declaring bankruptcy. Now, it is hard to believe that he is worth $6.6 billion. The rapper owes most of his success to his clothing brand. Also, he is now part of the three, self- made, and richest black people in America. West has taken part in a number of ventures and even though some were complete fails, others paid off. Currently, he earns more than $100 million from his businesses. Recently, he went on to release his album, Donda, which was a major hit as well.

Oprah Winfrey

Even though she stopped airing the Oprah Winfrey Show, the TV mogul is still worth $3.5 billion. Most of her riches have been generated from her media empire, OWN. She became the richest black woman in the world back in 2000 when she hit the $1 billion mark. The Philanthropist earns close to $300 million each year.  Also, she happens to be the most generous too as she has donated over $400 million to charity as of date.

George Lucas

Lucas is well known for his Indiana Jones and Star Wars Brand. The star wars brand itself has generated billions in video games, toys, comic books, etc. the Screenwriter got $4 billion worth of money and stock from Disney for his star wars brand. Currently, he gets an annual payment of 64 million from Disney. He has taken part in the production of other films but they weren’t as big as Star wars.  After selling his entire company to Disney, his net worth increases to 7.3 billion in a short space of time. But, as of date, the 77 year-old producer is worth $10 billion.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is a perfect example of how important it is to play with the right people. The actor makes some of his $7.5 billion from the different films that he directed. But, part of his fortune comes from the deal he made with his friend George Lucas.  The two exchanged shares. Steven would give Lucas a part of his closed encounter earnings. On the other hand Lucas would give Spielberg a part of his Star Wars Earnings. Now, Star Wars is a major hit and he gets to be a part of the ever growing empire.  However, he has been part of other big franchises like Jaws and Indiana Jones.

Jami Gertz

Gertz owes most of her $3 billion empire to her marriage to billionaire, Tony Ressler. Ressler is one of the founders of Ares management. The company is worth over $136 in stocks.  But, the two co-own part of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team. Apart from that, she is also a film producer and actress. She has appeared in a number of Hollywood films such as Sixteen Candles, the Lost Boys and Keeping up with the Steins.